This is release 0.14.  This release is binary incompatible with previous releases, the API has changed. Accompanying this release is an updated perl module (v 0.2) and the first release of a python module (v 0.1). 

The API changes consist of a simpler mwattach() were everything about authentication has been removed, only the url and clientname remain as arguments. Username and password is now set via a mwsetcred() call. This call is a variable arguments call in preparation for different authentication data for different types of authentication. Password authentication is expecting
a password as an arg, private/public key is assumed to need a x509 certificate, etc. 
Also the mwfetch() has changes a bit. The handle is now an int pointer allowing for it to return the handle of the fetched reply.

I haven't made a man page for the config so here is the corrently only doc of it. The config file is placed under ~/Midway/&ltuserid>/config. (For info in how to change the place of this directory, see MidWay(7)). The file has an XML format, and here is an example:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<mwd servers="20" clients="50">
<Servers autoboot="yes">
<group name="grp1" autoboot="yes">
<server name="shell" autoboot="yes">
<arglist>-s shell</arglist>
<autorestart min="0" max="0" delay="5"/>

<domain name="testdom">

this config will tell mwd to do two things.
a) start a server with a service shell that is implemented in a library
b) start a mwgwd in the domain testdom.