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Tuxedo is a commercial software currently owned by BEA systems http://www.bea.com. It was originally started by AT&T (Bell labs), later bought by Novell, and later bought by BEA. Tuxedo was originally called TUX, an abbreviation for Transaction UniX. It is apart for MidWay, the only TP monitor available on Linux, as far as I know.

Tuxedo is the only TP monitor I've actually written code with. MidWay has therefore a lot of its ancestry in Tuxedo, there are many similarities between the API, and some very important differences. Most notably the fact that the data buffers are types in Tuxedo while only octet strings in MidWay.

In addition to the request/response calls, Tuxedo has conversational services, event notification, queues, and full transaction support. All these are something MidWay should have. However I've not yet decided how these functionalites should be designed in MidWay. Transactions are something I'll probably never begin to mess with. Time will show. An important feature in Tuxedo is the administration of server processes. In fact, unlike MidWay it is impossible in Tuxedo to start a server without adding it to the configuration file. Creating an instance of Tuxedo is much more complex than getting a MidWay instance up and running. Simplicity is one major design goal of MidWay.

I'm also very unhappy with the use of the TCP/IP protocols in Tuxedo. MidWay will work quite a bit different.

Tuxedo is directed much more towards legacy software, such as having SNA gateways. It also have native bindings for C and COBOL only. BEA has added Java in various ways lately. BEA also built a product called web logic that uses Java Servlets to generate HTML, and that can call tuxedo services, among other things.
Language Bindings for MidWay is primary C, but I will ASAP add perl, tcl, pyton, php, and java.

Keep in mind that Tuxedo is old, and well evolved, with all its pros and cons. In particular, I've tried to write the current MidWay code as thread ready as possible. Tuxedo will have a much harder time in order to be thread safe.

For those unfamiliar with Tuxedo, BEA was giving out evaluation copies for free on Lunix, they might still be.

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